Homemade gnocchi pasta

Ingredients:– 500 gr potatoes;– 1 egg;– “00” flour and durum wheat q.b.– Salt q.b.
Boil the potatoes with their skins and salt for 10 min in a pressure cooker (obviously, since whistle!). Go around the masher, and let cool.Then add the egg, and then slowly the flours until dough is soft but not sticky. Finally get the small cords, making sure to flour well the mixture.

Get lumps of dough, and then proceed to make the gnocchi with a fork or with the specific gnocchi tool. To make green gnocchi, you need to add to the mix a little chopped basil, or, better, 2 pesto teaspoons. After this step, it’s important to put a little more flour, because th dough eith pesto addiction becomes softer. Finally, in a pot, boil some water, add salt and cook until the gnocchi rise to the water surface.

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