(versione anglo-natalizia di “Sei Ottavi” di Rino Gaetano)

Fake decked out trees wink at me from the glass of the windows,
and all the streets are adorned with artificial rainbows.
Oh, it’s always the same, but it brings somethin’ new,
on cold Christmas time, this is my carol for you.

Children keep playing, they’re gathered all in a round,
they’re singing old carols, they like their tunes and their sound.
You listen to them, you become like a child again,
you are safe at home, heedless of the blowin’ rain.

The ancient times live again inside the crib scene,
the memory of somethin’ we lost in our days’ din.
From being so far maybe you had some bad fit of spleen,
in these long months so strange, which weren’t so green.

And merry ribbons are hangin’ on every door,
through which are comin’ some smells you can’t find anymore.
In these days you can feel the warmth of the family heat,
it’s one of the things which make your own life complete.

So now on this very special star-spangied night,
I’d be really glad and I would have my great delight,
if even your little dreams may all come true,
Christmas is comin’ an’ this is my carol for you.

Articulo originale by ‘U NonnuBlog – CHRISTMAS CAROL